Ravila 49 Renovation in Tartu: Community Engagement

Apr 24, 2024

On March 19, 2024, the oPEN Lab project team held an informative session regarding the renovation plans for the Ravila 49 apartment building. The session delved into the specifics of the renovation action plan, nuances of renovating with prefabricated panels, and addressed questions posed both beforehand and on-site.

Led by experts from Tallinn University of Technology and Tartu City Government, the event aimed to provide clarity on various aspects of the renovation process. Kaspar Alev from Tartu City Government outlined the preparation activities for renovation phases in spring and autumn. Peep Pihelo from Tallinn University of Technology emphasized ensuring construction quality and post-construction guarantees. Ain Konsap from the Tartu Regional Energy Agency was on hand to address any questions that had been previously raised or came up during the session.

During the session, attendees were reminded of previous discussions held on December 12, where important information regarding renovation motivations, methods, costs, and timing were shared. It was emphasized why renovation is essential, how it will be executed, potential costs, and why the present moment is considered optimal for undertaking the project swiftly.

In January, at the general meeting of the apartment building to join the oPEN Lab project. Looking ahead to spring and autumn 2024, a series of workshops and surveys are planned to gather resident input and expectations, covering topics such as home automation, community preferences, and feedback mechanisms post-renovation. The goal is to start with the construction early next year.

In conjunction with these community engagements, technical preparations are ongoing, including assessments of building conditions, energy simulations, and cost estimations. The event underscored the collaborative effort between stakeholders and the commitment to transparent communication throughout the renovation journey. Updates and further details regarding the Ravila 49 renovation project are on the way!