Survey unveils community perspectives on renovation in Tartu

Apr 16, 2024

In a survey conducted within Annelinn’s Mõisavahe-Kaunase-Nõlvaku area, residents voiced their opinions on the crucial matter of renovations. 26% of the apartment owners answered the questionnaire, providing invaluable insights into the hopes and concerns of the community.

Who Participated?

A total of 243 individuals participated, with 80% being homeowners residing in their own apartments. The majority of respondents were women (69%), and over half were aged 60 or older.

Survey Objectives

The survey was crafted to elicit community sentiments on various fronts, including the Annelinn+ project, mechanisms for disseminating information, community event participation, and the decision-making processes surrounding renovations. Additionally, it aimed to gauge attitudes towards green energy adoption, strategies for coping with summer heatwaves, and preferences concerning the design of inter-house areas.

Community Vision for Neighborhood Enhancement

Residents emphasized the significance of a well-designed and functional inter-house area, with a striking 90% regarding it as important, and 57% deeming it very important. While 39% advocated for collaborative efforts among neighbors in designing the area, 8 8% were content with only improving apartment building surroundings, and 32% found the current state satisfactory.

Furthermore, half of the respondents expressed a willingness to engage in the planning of outdoor spaces. Thirty-four percent were ready to contribute through community work, 26% through attendance at decision-making meetings, and 8% through participation in design workshops. Financially, 11% were prepared to make a financial contribution, while 27% expressed potential willingness, and 43% preferred to avoid additional costs.

Navigating the Renovation Dialogue and Making Decisions

A notable proportion of apartment owners (58%) felt adequately informed about building matters, with 66% regularly participating in their association general meetings. Predominantly, information dissemination occurred through these meetings, with 74% being aware of the vote regarding the continuation or discontinuation of the Annelinn+ renovation project.

48% of respondents opposed the renovation within the Annelinn+ project, primarily due to concerns surrounding high financial commitments. Conversely, those in favor emphasized the potential for energy efficiency, future cost savings, and aesthetic enhancements. Significantly, half of the respondents expressed satisfaction with their housing association’s decision to halt the renovation project.

Looking Ahead

Despite the transition of the oPEN Lab project’s focus to the Veeriku area, Annelinn continues to occupy a central position within Tartu’s developmental agenda. Sustained efforts are dedicated to fostering community well-being and progress across all neighborhoods.

In summary, the outcomes of the survey serve as a pivotal resource in informing future renovation initiatives and community development endeavors in Annelinn.