Open Call: Opportunity to join the Citizen-led renovation programme!

Apr 23, 2024

Are you part of an energy community, citizen group, local authority, NGO, or another organisation passionate about spearheading citizen-led renovation projects?

Then we warmly invite you to participate in the support service for Citizen-Led Renovation (CRL), an EU-funded support service. Its goal is to strenghten your community buildings and enable you to replicate energy renovation projects in the buildings of your members and others, including insulation, the installation of new technical systems and renewables.

The support service will help your community overcome financial, legal, technical, and information barriers to deliver future-proof residential buildings. 

Get involved

The support service call targets established or prospective energy communities that seek support in setting up and replicating citizen-led initiatives to deliver additional energy renovations and renewable installations for the buildings of their members. If you do not currently identify as an official energy community, your application is still highly encouraged.

Learn more

Interested to join the support service for Citizen-Led Renovation as a Pilot, Learner, of Follower? Then check the Open Call page on the European Commission’s website, using the button below.