What is the OpenLab Toolbox?
The OpenLab Toolbox brings together the best practices collected through our project in relation to renovation and positive energy neighborhoods (PENs). The opportunities offered by PENs are far-reaching : a more climate-neutral building stock, improved comfort and public health for citizens, more climate resilient buildings and helping to alleviate energy poverty and contributing to our energy security. To make our renovation goals a reality while ensuring a just transition, PENs can be a big part of the solution going forward.

This Toolbox is a repository of the most relevant and innovative methods and tools developed and used within the oPEN Lab project related to PENs. It is meant to provide policymakers and industry makers with insights and knowledge and help them select the right approach for their actions.

How do I use it?
Use the filtering system below to find the most relevant tools for you! You can filter based on implementation phase and relevant topics. You can choose more than one filter to narrow down the results to the most relevant tools.