Tartu oPEN Living Lab kicks off a dedicated renovation working group

Jul 4, 2024

On July 26th, residents of the Ravila 49 apartment building in Tartu took a significant step towards improving their home by launching a renovation working group. This group aims to transform their building into a more modern and comfortable place to live.

The initial meeting saw eight dedicated homeowners come together, each eager to share their ideas and support for the renovation project. The working group is open to all residents who are interested in and support the renovation. It provides a platform for them to actively participate in planning the future of their living space.

The working group’s primary goal is to work closely with the oPEN Lab project experts to prepare for the building’s renovation. This includes discussing the various aspects of deep renovation and making decisions on behalf of the residents of Ravila 49 in order to prepare for the design and construction tender. During the first meeting, the discussions were full of energy and optimism and the participants explored various aspects of the renovation, from structural changes to aesthetic upgrades.

This collaborative effort is not just about the technical aspects of renovation: it is also about ensuring that the changes reflect the desires and needs of the community. By involving residents in the planning process, the working group aims to create a living environment that truly meets their expectations. The start of this working group does not only mean improving the physical space but also enhancing the sense of community within the building.

As the working group continues to meet and refine their plans, they will play a crucial role in shaping the renovation project. This ongoing collaboration will ensure that the renovation process is inclusive and responsive to the residents’ wishes. Looking ahead, there will be more meetings and discussions to develop these ideas further. The working group is dedicated to keeping everyone informed and involved throughout the project.

The enthusiasm and commitment seen at this first meeting suggest that exciting changes are on the horizon for Ravila 49.