Renovation works begin on San Pedro buildings in Pamplona

Jul 6, 2023

On 15 June, the renovation and refurbishment works began on the twelve dwellings in the San Pedro neighbourhood in the Rochapea district (Pamplona), which will convert them into public apartments for the elderly. The planned investment is 2.09 million euros and the deadline is 14 months, which means that the works are expected to be completed in autumn 2024.

The comprehensive refurbishment works will be carried out on portals 11 and 12 of San Pedro (a single three-storey building) and will address both the exterior and the interior, with the change of carpentry, the elimination of architectural barriers and the improvement of the thermal envelope of the building, which dates from the 1980s, and reforming the roof, to install photovoltaic electrical panels.

In addition, each of the twelve dwellings, which have a useful surface area of around 61 square metres, will be completely refurbished to adapt them to their new uses, and lifts will be installed as a vertical communication system. In the dwellings, drying terraces will be built to compensate for the space lost due to the installation of the lifts and the need to extend the communal areas to comply with accessibility regulations.

With the change of the roof, photovoltaic panels will be installed to generate renewable energy to supply the new aerothermal air-conditioning installations in the dwellings. In addition, energy storage devices will be installed. In addition, innovative tracking and monitoring techniques will be implemented, both in terms of the energy balance of the dwellings and to determine the disruption caused to occupants and neighbours. Charging points for electric vehicles will be available in the vicinity of the refurbished buildings.

oPEN Lab promotes the application of innovative energy rehabilitation techniques, with the aim of moving towards energy-positive neighbourhoods. In this project, Pamplona City Council has the support of the National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER), the Public University of Navarra and the University of the Basque Country, and the architecture and engineering firm AH&Asociados. European funding through the Horizon 2020 programme will account for around 16% of the investment made in this refurbishment of San Pedro.

The San Pedro is an area that was built in the mid-1940s to alleviate the shortage of social housing and belong to Pamplona City Council. The Group is made up of ten buildings and 42 portals, which house 235 homes. Pamplona City Council is working in parallel in a refurbishment plan of the rest of the San Pedro buildings, and recently initiated the studies for an accessibility plan and a global intervention plan, which will facilitate reception of public subsidies for this large-scale renovations.