oPEN Living Lab Genk hosts successful information sessions for tenants

Mar 21, 2023

In 2022, the oPEN Living Lab Genk held co-creation sessions with residents and partners of the project area. During these sessions, ideas about the looks and functions of homes after the energy renovations were formed.

Also in 2023, the oPEN Living Lab Genk has been working tirelessly to bring energy-efficient housing to its project area, and now it’s time for the tenants to see the designs. In January and March of 2023, the oPEN Living Lab invited all participating tenants to an information session about the elaborated designs.

Of the 27 participating tenants, 25 were able to attend the sessions to hear information and provide feedback. The session began with a summary of the ideas from the co-creation sessions, where current concerns and wishes for the houses were discussed. Attendees had the opportunity to make additions to the ideas.

The designs presented were attractive, yet the homes remained recognisable in the neighborhood. The attendees felt that the design team had listened to their ideas, concerns, and wishes, as evidenced by the omission or simplification of windows in the new designs.

While there were some questions and concerns about aspects of the designs, a follow-up session is planned for March 16th, 2023, to address themes that need further elaboration, such as green roofs, integration of the energy-box in the garden, and interior finishing.

Last week (March 16th, 2023), another co-creation session was held with tenants to discuss the integration of the energy-box in the front yards, the installation of partial green roofs, and interior finishing.

The Open Lab Project is proud to be taking this important step towards sustainable housing and looks forward to working with tenants to make it a reality. Attached are some pictures of the preliminary designs (credits: dbv architects) and pictures of the information session. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!