Neighbourhood party oPEN Living Lab Genk

Jul 11, 2022

On the 29th of June, we had a small oPEN-Lab-neighbourhood-party for the citizens of Nieuw Texas and Waterschei. 

Over the past few months, we have had three constructive co-creation sessions where we co-designed our positive energy neighbourhood together with the citizens, industrial partners, researchers and local city government. During these co-creation sessions, people not only delivered strong (energetic) ideas for their houses and neighbourhood, but also suggested more possibilities to meet and greet with co-residents. And as they say, after some energetic and constructive effort, there is also time for well-deserved relaxation.

The party took place on the main square of the neighbourhood of New Texas and was mostly organised by the residents of New Texas with little support from the oPEN Lab team. It was a very sunny Wednesday afternoon with many talks, laughter, playing children, music and refreshing drinks. Hopefully, this party has set the tone for the neighbourhood to organise more parties in the future.

The citizens who already signed up for the oPEN Lab project had taken their pictures to visualise their homes on a big map of the neighbourhood. This way, everyone can put a face on the participating homes.