Museum hosts oPEN Living Lab Pamplona

Apr 8, 2022

In the beginning of April 2022, the Environmental Museum hosted an event of the oPEN Living Lab Pamplona in the Rochapea District, where the oPEN Lab project will be implemented. This informational session was open to citizens of the neighbourhood, associations and different agents and entities. The Pamplona oPEN Living Lab leader Jose Costero and Rufino Hernández spoke about the project and Pamplona’s plans for the IWER building.

To light the spark of the Positive Energy Neighbourhood, the buildings of the San Pedro Group that participate in the project, equipped with photovoltaic panels, will be physically or virtually connected with the IWER complex, which in turn will house a 900-kW power plant. In this way, energy exchanges between all clean installations and the balance of the local grid will be possible.

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