Learning from Others Through A Study Visit in Tartu

May 23, 2024

In the pursuit of gathering insights and fostering innovative ideas, a group of enthusiasts embarked on a journey to explore the renovated Tähe 2 apartment building in Tartu. This visit, organized by the oPEN Lab project, aimed to provide apartment owners of Ravila 49 building with a firsthand look at the renovation strategies employed in transforming the building into an A-energy class structure. Led by Tõnis Eelma, chairman of the board of the Tähe 2 building and member of oPEN Lab, participants delved into the intricacies of the renovation process.

The excursion, scheduled for the evening of April 9th, marked the first of several planned visits to renovated apartment buildings facilitated by the oPEN Lab project. These visits offer an invaluable opportunity for individuals interested in renovation to familiarise themselves with various solutions and pose relevant questions related to the process.

Situated at Tähe 2, this 32-apartment building underwent renovation in 2019 with support from Kredex and the SmartEnCity project, similar to the oPEN Lab initiative. The renovation aimed not only to enhance the energy efficiency of the building but also to serve as a model for sustainable urban development.

During the visit, participants were provided with a thorough overview of the renovation works, ranging from structural enhancements to energy-efficient installations. Tõnis Eelma, with his expertise in the field, shed light on the challenges encountered and the innovative solutions implemented throughout the renovation journey.

Tähe 2 is proof that smart renovations can really make a difference. By opening its doors to eager learners, the oPEN Lab project continues to foster a culture of knowledge exchange and innovation within the realm of renovation. With each excursion, the collective understanding of sustainable renovation practices is enriched, paving the way for a greener and more resilient built environment.