Building energy efficiency, modular renovation & market steering: insights from oPEN Lab experts

Dec 21, 2023

In this enlightening video, we delve into the insights and experiences of key experts from the oPEN Lab project, each shedding light on their roles, challenges faced, and remarkable highlights during the project’s duration.

The consortium members provide valuable perspectives:

Philippe Plaghki (Wonen in Limburg) shares highlights and challenges of establishing a Living Lab, revealing the strategies employed to overcome obstacles.

Leyre Iriarte (City of Pamplona, oPEN Living Lab Pamplona) reflects on the journey of setting up a Living Lab in Pamplona, touching on key challenges and noteworthy milestones.

Merit Tatar (IBS, oPEN Living Lab Tartu) unveils the highs and lows of establishing a Living Lab in Tartu, offering insights into their unique challenges and successes.

Koen Vervoorte (ENoLL) outlines the distinctive aspects of a Living Lab compared to pilot projects, shedding light on their purpose and methodologies.

Louis Torres (AHA, oPEN Living Lab Pamplona) delves into how building designs are instrumental in reducing energy demand within the oPEN Lab.

Targo Kalames (TALTECH, oPEN Living Lab Tartu) explores the efficiency and cost-effectiveness achieved through a modular renovation workflow in industrial construction.

Alicia Kalms (CENER, oPEN Living Lab Pamplona) elaborates on the planned roll-out of energy systems within the oPEN Lab, emphasizing their strategic approach.

Sara Willems (KUL, oPEN Living Lab Genk) uncovers the intricacies of data monitoring within the project, providing insights into their meticulous approach.

Victoria Taranu (BPIE) explains how the project aims to influence the market and facilitate the EU-wide adoption of PENs, outlining their strategies for support and expansion.

Maarten de Groote (Project Coordinator, oPEN Lab) shares his experience and challenges coordinating a project involving 32 partners, offering a glimpse into the dynamics of project management in such an extensive collaboration.

This video serves as a comprehensive exploration of the diverse facets and achievements within the oPEN Lab project, providing invaluable insights into its multifaceted operations and impactful contributions to the energy transition landscape.