Transparent Transition: Genk Residents Stay Informed with Personalized Renovation Calendars

Mar 1, 2024

The PEN in the heart of Nieuw Texas, Genk, has made notable efforts in its renovation efforts. Thanks to meticulous planning and the active participation of inhabitants, the retrofiting of these houses is proceeding smoothly and efficiently.

The innovative approach of using prefabricated walls from the Machiels Building Solutions factory marks a milestone in the oPEN Lab project. With the installation of these walls in the initial homes, the journey towards revitalizing the district has officially begun. This promises not only enhanced comfort for residents but also a significant leap towards sustainable living.

Central to the success of this ambitious venture is effective communication and transparency. Inhabitants have been actively engaged in the process, ensuring that they understand and endorse the planned measures. Through personalized calendars, residents are kept informed about the renovation schedule, potential inconveniences they might encounter, and their role in minimizing disruptions.

These calendars serve as a vital tool in keeping residents of Genk informed and empowered, detailing upcoming activities, potential inconveniences, and the necessary steps for cooperation.

The next step in the renovation work for this first house involves the renovation of the roof, marking an exciting progression in the project.