Third and fourth co-creation session at the oPEN Living Lab Genk

May 31, 2022

These two co-creation sessions aimed to receive input from citizens and facilitate interaction with industrial partners, the local government, and researchers. Citizens of the neighbourhoods New Texas and the adjacent Garden City suburb of Waterschei participated in both co-creation sessions.

The third co-creation session took place on 23 April. It was called the “Dream Session” because citizens could dream about their neighbourhood of the future. People discussed issues and possible solutions to form a future neighbourhood. In order to visualise their ideas, the participants crafted, for example, posters or mind maps. Participants said that the co-creation session is “[…] when everyone comes together that true positive energy is created”

During the fourth co-creation session on 14 May, participants designed a neigbourhood. They generated realistic ideas and solutions for future proof Positive Energy Neighbourhood. In this session, people were asked to visualise their ideas on a map of the neighbourhood and also sketch the houses.