The Energy Information Office in Rochapea Celebrates First Anniversary

Mar 6, 2024

The oPEN Living Lab Pamplona reached a significant milestone as the Energy Information Office of the Rochapea neighbourhood, the first promoted by the City Council of Pamplona, celebrates its first anniversary.  

Over the past year, the Energy Information Office has provided valuable assistance to the community, receiving 148 consultations primarily focused on general energy advice. Services offered include guidance on electricity, gas, energy bills, renewable energy subsidies, solar panels, facade insulation, and information on energy communities.

The Pamplona City Council aims to play an active role in promoting the energy transition by establishing a one-stop-shop model for energy advice, renovation, and urban regeneration. This initiative encourages investments in energy rehabilitation, and renewable installations, both in public spaces and energy communities.

oPEN Living Lab Pamplona is implementing one of the first operational Positive Energy Neighbourhoods concepts in Spain. It demonstrates an advanced, scalable, and replicable urban energy model, and develops innovative solution packages for renovation and energy services. Pamplona’s oPEN Living Lab is carrying out a deep energy renovation of the former industrial site of Rochapea, and two apartment blocks of the San Pedro housing group.

The driving force behind Pamplona’s oPEN Living Lab comprises a decisive investment, prominently in photovoltaics, to reach a critical mass of urban energy generation. It will also demonstrate innovative industrialised renovation solutions, advanced energy management systems and process improvements, leveraging upon digitalisation, to cover the entire life cycle of buildings and neighbourhood infrastructure.

Pamplona Municipality