Ready, Set, Renovate: Renovation works in Genk start in the Factories

Feb 16, 2024

These are exciting days for oPEN Living Lab Genk! The off-site construction of the prefabricated walls and energy box has started, and these prefabricated components will be installed on-site at the first oPEN Lab dwelling in the upcoming days.

On 13 February, our team from the oPEN Living Lab Genk toured the Machiels Building Solutions factory, witnessing the production of prefabricated walls for the oPEN Lab project. These timber frame constructions, fully equipped with insulation, windows, and exterior finishing, are set to revolutionise the renovation process.

The walls will be seamlessly integrated onto the existing building envelope, marking a significant step forward in sustainable construction practices. With the first on-site installation scheduled for next week, anticipation is running high for the transformation of our first PEN dwellings.

On 14 February, the journey continued to the Litobox workshop, where energy boxes for the dwellings that are currently under renovation are being crafted, promising a sustainable future for PEN dwellings.

Stay tuned as we follow the renovation progress and its impact on the future of sustainable housing.