Pamplona’s Living Lab launches the first collaborative mural focused on climate change and the role of women in this challenge

Jun 18, 2024

In the Rochapea neighborhood, Pamplona’s Living Lab has launched the first collaborative mural, focused on climate change and the role of women in this challenge. This project seeks not only to enhance the urban space, but also to strengthen the local community and raise awareness about sustainability and energy. The mural, located on a wall of the Colegio La Compasión Escolapios, is the first of a series of four, all dedicated to energy issues to improve the quality of life in Rochapea.

The process for the creation of this mural is divided into several stages, starting with an ideas workshop on March 20 open to the public , where participants helped build a common narrative. At the beginning of April, a local artist Garazi form Estudio Berenice transformed this narrative co-designed into a first sketch. Subsequently, on April 18, a design workshop was held to define together the final design of the mural. Finally, in May and June, citizens and local actors have gathered to paint the mural in collaborative painting sessions, transforming the design into a tangible work of art.

The mural tells the story of Rochapea from its pre-industrial era to the present, and projects a sustainable future. Making special attention to the role of women in this transition. On the left, it depicts the past with low houses and vegetable gardens, where women have an important presence carrying out tasks for the sustenance of family and community life. In the center or the mural, we pass through a phase of urban exploitation, dominated by men and their role in the productive world. Finally, it culminates in a green and energy efficient future, where there is a greater diversity of people of different sex and nationality, an inclusive world. In this part, the role of women as promoters of change is highlighted. This story is linked by the figure of the Arga River through time and the presence of birds, which symbolize the evolution of the neighborhood.

In parallel, the My Green Place project, in collaboration with Colegio La Compasión Escolapios and the European project oPEN Lab, has been underway since September 2023. This project collects information on how the inhabitants of Rochapea perceive their neighborhood in terms of energy, comfort, and mobility, using interactive maps accessible from mobile devices. The information collected will help identify needs and plan future collaborative projects that respond to these demands.

To promote participation, a recreational and informative event was organized on May 11, which included a tour of the neighborhood and a snack in the school courtyard. During the tour, which passed through the Boulevard and the Plaza de los Enamorados, there were stops at three local pubs and cafes to invite people to contribute with information to the interactive maps of Rochapea. This also served to inform the community about the progress of the collaborative mural and present the final sketch worked on at the April 18 workshop.

This mural and the My Green Place project reflect Rochapea’s commitment to sustainability and citizen participation. Neighbors are invited to join in these efforts, helping to transform Rochapea into a neighborhood of positive energy, awareness, and engagement.