oPEN Lab Newsletter 09/2023

Sep 11, 2023

oPEN Lab has made significant strides in its operation. The project has saved lives by identifying and addressing potential risks, such as carbon monoxide poisoning from individual kerosene heaters. Over 40 innovative technologies are being implemented, engaging more than 500 citizens in the transformation of nearly 50,000 square meters of floor space. The collaborative efforts of over 150 people from 32 organizations in the oPEN Lab consortium have contributed to these achievements, with consortium meetings fostering vital collaboration.

To further accelerate progress and expand the reach of innovation, oPEN Lab had launched an open call to involve innovators beyond its consortium partners. Innovators were invited to leverage their solutions for Positive Energy Neighbourhoods within the oPEN Living Labs. By creating an open-innovation and co-creation environment, the project aims to optimise time and resource efficiency and facilitate the route-to-market approaches for sustainable solutions. This inclusive approach ensures that the project benefits from a diverse range of expertise and perspectives.

The energy transition within an urban context is an ongoing and dynamic process. It is influenced by various factors, including political frameworks, social dynamics, energy prices, technological advancements, and urban developments. As such, oPEN Lab recognises the need to adapt and accommodate this ever-evolving environment. By continuously tracking political debates and providing real-world insights into inclusive building renovation, oPEN Lab strives to contribute to the ongoing discourse and reinforce the importance of integrated district and neighbourhood approaches.

As Europe grapples with geopolitical challenges and the urgent need for energy independence, projects like oPEN Lab offer hope and tangible solutions by having selected homes for retrofit and starting the building works. By prioritising citizen engagement, innovation and collaboration, we can build a resilient and inclusive Europe that transcends the limitations imposed by geopolitical power plays.