oPEN Lab Meeting Reflects on 2023 Achievements and Anticipates Challenges for 2024

Jan 17, 2024

On 8 January, a collaborative meeting among Genk partners took place at EnergyVille under the umbrella of the oPEN Lab project. The session commenced with a comprehensive review of the accomplishments throughout 2023, allowing each partner to provide updates on their respective contributions.

A crucial aspect of the meeting involved a reflective monitoring session for the year 2023. Participants engaged in a retrospective analysis, delving into challenges faced and the strategies employed to overcome them. The session aimed to distill valuable insights from past experiences and identify pivotal moments that shaped the project’s trajectory.

The day concluded with insightful breakout sessions focused on anticipating and addressing challenges expected to emerge in 2024. These sessions fostered collaborative discussions to strategize and plan for the upcoming year.

As the oPEN Lab project continues its journey, these periodic reflections and forward-looking discussions serve as integral components, ensuring a dynamic and adaptive approach to the evolving landscape of sustainable innovation.