Nordic Sustainability Expo 2023

09.05.2023 - 10.05.2023



During two highly intensive days in May 2022, we gathered ministers, the business community, heads of authorities, TED Talks speakers, researchers, sustainability experts and others. who all work passionately for an improved business with sustainability in focus. 100+ speakers! 100+ exhibitors! And a total of nearly 2,000 people attended to network, debate and be inspired by the latest findings and experiences. With today’s enormous commitment to sustainability issues, we want to create an even better platform for companies, organizations and politics to accelerate the transition – here and now!

The Nordic Sustainability Expo is the meeting place that makes business and politics accelerate the transition and help each other to simplify, rather than complicate, sustainable initiatives. Everything to improve sustainable development. On 9-10 May 2023, the discussions will focus on circular consumption and production, the social responsibility of companies and politicians, the climate transition as well as how we optimize the work of creating sustainable cities.