Next Phase Commences for oPEN Living Lab Genk

Sep 8, 2023

Following a design and tendering process, the renovation of the 27 oPEN Lab dwellings in Nieuw Texas is ready for its next significant milestone.

The design team consists of DBV architecten and engineering experts of studiebureel Heedfeld. Until now, the team has successfully navigated through the preparatory phases of this ambitious project.

A crucial achievement was reached on 12 May with the acquisition of the environmental permit necessary to initiate the renovation works. This step paved the way for the subsequent tendering process, which saw two distinct tenders released.

The first tender focused on the renovation of the building envelope, encompassing the integration of prefab elements for walls and roof. Simultaneously, the second tender targeted building technologies, particularly the creation of an innovative energy box that will serve as a testing ground for a range of innovative technologies within the oPEN Living Lab.

On 19 September, the project milestones took a significant step forward, as formal awards were conferred. The task of executing the building envelope renovation was entrusted to project consortium partner Habenu Van de Kreeke. Meanwhile, Centrale Verwarming Peeters en Zonen secured the responsibility of implementing the building technologies, harnessing the expertise of project collaborators LITO for the energy boxes and Futech for the integration of solar panels.

The adoption of prefab solutions will facilitate off-site construction in the respective workshops of the contractors, temporarily obscuring the visible progress. Nevertheless, rest assured that diligent efforts are underway to expedite the project’s completion.

Anticipate the unveiling of the first demo-dwelling, fully renovated, around December 2023. Subsequently, the remaining 26 dwellings are slated for comprehensive renovation ahead of the summer of 2024.