Introducing oPEN Lab sister project ARV

Mar 28, 2022

H2020 EU-funded ARV project aims to create climate positive circular communities (CPCC) in Europe by focusing on net zero-emission buildings and neighbourhoods. Kicked off in January 2022, ARV means “heritage” or “legacy” in Norwegian.

The project will conduct six large-scale demonstration projects of CPCC in six European cities, showcasing a range of innovations related to the whole value chain of the construction industry. The communities – located in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, and Spain – have been carefully selected due to their high ambitions in environmental, social and economic sustainability and to represent the different European climates and contexts. Special attention was given to social housing and public buildings.

By the end of the project, ARV will also provide guidelines and a policy framework for future energy-efficient, circular, and digital solutions in the construction industry. 

Want to know more about ARV? Check the brand new project website and social media: TwitterLinkedinYouTube.