Innovative Workshop Explores Green Finance Strategies for Positive Energy Neighbourhoods

Aug 18, 2023

Leading experts and stakeholders in the sustainable construction and finance sectors are set to convene for an insightful workshop titled “Green Finance for Positive Energy Neighbourhoods” organised by syn.ikia and oPEN Lab, this virtual event will take place on 2 November from 14 CET  to 15:30 CET and will delve into the intersection of sustainable urban development and responsible financial strategies.

The concept of Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhoods (SPEN), also known as Positive Energy Neighbourhoods (PEN), will take centre stage during this 90-minute session. SPEN/PEN initiatives aim to revolutionise urban living by decarbonising building stocks while offering numerous benefits to both residents and communities. Shared resources such as heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, bicycles, and green spaces foster a sense of community while promoting renewable energy usage and reducing carbon emissions.

While the potential of SPEN/PEN projects is vast, they often require significant upfront investments. Economic challenges like high inflation and interest rates have raised concerns about the feasibility of implementing these projects. Such hurdles can hinder property owners’ ability to invest in renovations or new constructions that follow the SPEN/PEN approach, impacting the realisation of ambitious sustainability goals.

The workshop will also examine the profound influence of the EU Taxonomy on sustainable development. By providing a comprehensive framework for identifying environmentally sustainable economic activities, the EU Taxonomy empowers businesses and investors to make informed decisions that align with the European Union’s environmental, social and climate objectives.

The event will feature sessions led by experts from various sectors, covering topics such as sustainable finance in real estate, compliance and assurance methods in ESG finance, and tools for assessing multiple benefits. Additionally, developers and promoters from syn.ikia and oPEN Lab will present key project figures, funding sources, and challenges they face in accessing green finance.

One of the highlights of the workshop will be a panel discussion bringing together developers and financial sector experts. This discussion aims to bridge the gap between the construction and finance industries, fostering collaboration and innovative solutions to unlock investment opportunities in viable SPEN/PEN business models.

The workshop’s holistic approach seeks to address barriers, identify solutions, and promote inclusive and sustainable benefits for all stakeholders involved in creating positive energy neighbourhoods. As global efforts continue to emphasise sustainability and climate action, events like these play a crucial role in driving meaningful change and ensuring a greener, more resilient future for communities worldwide.

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