Engaging Citizen Involvement Leads to Successful District Transformation

Oct 17, 2023

On 10 October, a comprehensive information session, informing citizens on the intricacies of the IWER square’s transformation that was imagined and collectively design by citizens was held. This collaborative effort stands as a testament to the power of citizen involvement in shaping the future of our districts.

How did were citizens involved in the design of the new IWER square?

As part of the project’s citizen engagement approach, the oPEN Lab project orchestrated an interactive co-creation workshop, spearheaded by Alba Arias (UPV/EHU) and her dedicated team. Prior to the workshop, the oPEN Living Lab Pamplona team extensively communicated the endeavour to the citizens of the IWER district.

The workshop kicked off with an insightful introduction to the oPEN Lab initiative, stressing the pivotal role of citizen engagement in the district’s evolution. Attendees were then guided through the co-creation exercise, setting the stage for a dynamic session.

Participants were divided into five focused groups, armed with blueprints and symbolic pins, paper clips, and coloured paper. Each element represented crucial components of the envisioned square. The groups worked fervently, crafting individual design proposals.

The collective effort resulted in presentations, as representatives from each group showcased their distinctive design concepts. The UPV/EHU team, experts in participatory processes, meticulously distilled the salient trends from all proposals. These insights were then seamlessly integrated by AHA architects to meet regulatory standards.

Navigating the municipal approval process proved to be a meticulous task, with numerous services advocating for adjustments. AHA, in collaboration with OBENASA, adeptly negotiated changes to ensure compliance with all requirements.

Upon submission to the Pamplona City Council, the project garnered meticulous scrutiny. After an open period for citizen feedback, resounding support ensued. The final design was greenlit, marking a significant milestone.