Cities4PEDs: Energy Lunch Talk Series

16.02.2022 - 16.03.2022


13:00 - 14:00


Cities4PEDs organises a series of Energy Lunch talks with the goal to learn and further discuss specific and relevant questions to investigate Positive Energy Districts(PEDs) aspects and implementation strategies. This will be done by bringing on the table testimonies of already existing innovative practices of all around Europe and opening a conversation on possible shared challenges and in place strategies. An overview of the topics is shown as follows:

  • Feb 16th: Energy communities as accelerator for PED development – Learnings from Brussels and Valencia. – Register here.
    (How) do energy communities support the development of PEDs? How are energy communities already realized in Vienna and Brussels (legal and organisational background)? Which effects are achieved, what are struggles and how can they be overcome? Who is taking the initiative? What are the conditions connected to electrical and/or thermal energy communities?
  • Feb 23rd: Instruments for collective renovation of the built environment – Learnings from Brussels and Vienna – Register here.
    How can the renovation of existing districts be accelerated? How do we move from the renovation / retrofitting of singular (private) houses one by one to a collective approach? (e.g. additional subsidies, renovation coaches, energy houses, one-stop-shop or other support schemes) By bringing in examples from within and outside our own cities, an evaluation will be made on (collective) renovation schemes that worked and which didn’t, and especially what are the next steps to be explored on this level.
  • March 2nd: Urban planning instruments (e.g. zoning) to support PED implementation – Learnings from Vienna and Aberdeen. – Register here.
    How zonings can play a role? How to define zones and for which actions?
  • March 9th: Activation of developers & institutional building owners for PED – Learnings from Stockholm and Graz – Register here.
    Which methods (apart from financial support) can cities provide to activate developers to realize PEDs? Secondary (and an outlook to): How does a capacity development programme look like in a district with a heterogenous ownership structure (not only developers, but also private houseowners)?
  • March 16th: City-wide organisation for energy district implementation – Learnings from Rotterdam and Zurich – Register here.
    What does a city-wide organisation look like that supports the local realisation of energy districts (newly built and existing)? How can we build a strategy to not only test in one district but start to multiply the districts transformation and implementation throughout the whole city.

To know more about the agenda and to register, please use the links above (or use this link). Use this lunch moment to get inspiration, and network with experts from cities!