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Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale – Energy Living Lab (HES/SO)
University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland – Energy Living Lab

HES-SO is the largest university of applied sciences (UAS) in Switzerland and the second largest higher education institution of the country, with more than 21’000 students and a broad network of schools located in 7 cantons. HES-SO offers a large variety of education programmes: 46 Bachelor degrees, 26 Master degrees and 301 continuing education courses. Strongly anchored in the regional economy, HES-SO collaborates closely with SMEs, and its R&D also extends to certain aspects of industrial-scale production. HES-SO undertakes research projects with a wide range of partners in Switzerland and abroad.

Energy Living Lab is a research laboratory working in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy deployment, with a focus on stakeholders’ engagement and empowerment, development of open innovation processes, co-design of products, services and programmes, and social marketing in the energy field. As a member of the board of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL), the Energy Living Lab is responsible for the Energy and Environment taskforce. It is also the leading house of the national thematic network Living Labs for Decarbonisation.

Role in Project

In OpenLab, the Energy Living Lab from HES-SO is responsible for the development of a common methodology to support the development of three Living Labs. The Living Lab Integrative Process is used to understand the social practices impacting the energy consumption, the barriers to refurbishment and the co-design of an action plan to support the deployment of the Living Labs in the PEN.