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Tartu Regional Energy Agency
Tartu Regiooni Energiaagentuur

Tartu Regional Energy Agency (TREA) has been established in 2009 by Tartu City Government and Tartu Science Park to implement efficient energy management methodologies and practices in the Tartu region. TREA, as a partner, is providing independent energy advocacy for the region from citizens to SME-s, from households’ level to municipality or regional level.

TREA is also the first energy management agency in Estonia. As a widely used agency model, it also represents a modern European approach for local energy management. On the other hand, it also embodies local energy development at the national and EU level. An important part of that work is representing the region in national and international cooperation networks and projects dealing with relevant issues.

Role in Project

Tartu Regional Energy Agency (TREA) is a technical consultancy with the mission to assist citizens and organisations with the Living Lab in Tartu with energy-related issues. Thanks to its experience and know-how, TREA as public innovation cluster provides the housing associations with the technical assistance needed for the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the renovation process. They work to create national financing instruments, local technical competency, and a cooperation model to ensure a smooth retrofitting process for both apartment owners and housing managers.