oPEN Lab | Project Partner


Stebo’s diverse team of experienced experts knows what is going on in our society. This translates into concrete projects with results! Stebo helps define the policy and convert it into customised services – practical, feasible and recognisable. Building on talents and needs, we reach and support specific target groups in society, especially those who are struggling.

The Stebo ‘energy’ department implements the energy policy regionally. Stebo aims to make sustainable energy usage accessible to all.

Role in Project

Stebo gets to work with private owners in the neighbourhoods of New Texas and Garden City Waterschei. As ‘reno coaches’, Stebo guides and advises residents in the range of renovation possibilities with a clear focus on energy savings in the Genk Living Lab. In oPEN Lab, Stebo experiments on how existing as well as close-to-market techniques can be integrated into today’s ‘classic renovation’ trajectories. Doing so Stebo raises awareness on future trends and positive energy neighbourhoods at the level of the private households in Genk.