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Ayuntamiento de Pamplona
Pamplona City Council

Ayuntamiento de Pamplona (PAM) is the local authority of the city (municipality) and is responsible for public administration on the local level. Pamplona is a city of 209,672 inhabitants (2020), the capital of Navarra, a Spanish region leader in renewable energy production.

PAM, as a member of the Energy Cities network since 1999, has extensive experience in developing and implementing local climate policies and projects. In 2009, Pamplona became one of the first European cities engaging with the Covenant of Mayors initiative, approving its baseline emissions inventory in 2010 and the first Sustainable Energy Action Plan in 2011.

Role in Project

Ayuntamiento de Pamplona, as the local authority, will support all oPEN Lab partners in implementing the Living Labs, especially the one in Pamplona. Moreover, PAM will renovate one building of 12 social housing dwellings with high energy performance standards contributing to setting the base for a positive energy district and will assist in developing the Pamplona local energy community engaging the citizens and other stakeholders in a co-creation process. PAM will share its experience gained in monitoring and KPIs within the H2020 STARDUST project and the Open City Platform. And last but not least, PAM will contribute to efforts on upscaling and replication of the oPEN Lab PEN approach and proactively engage in a wide range of dissemination activities aimed at maximising the impact of the OPEN Lab.