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Obras Especiales

Obras Especiales (OBENASA) is a family-owned construction company with over 43 years of experience in the construction sector. OBENASA operates in the Spanish national market, performing civil and building works. Throughout their long trajectory, OBENASA has undertaken projects for all kinds of clients (Public Administrations, public companies, private clients, etc.) in diverse markets (Spain and Latin America) and under different modalities (contract, turn-key projects, or administrative franchises).
The company especially manages civil engineering works like urban development, paving, every kind of road and motorway infrastructures, hydraulic and environmental projects, energy infrastructures and building constructions.

Role in Project

OBENASA is responsible for the development and renovation of the IWER building in Pamplona and the urbanisation of the areas attached to the building. The IWER building is an old industrial building that is going to be renovated for new uses such as a nursing home, commercial area, offices and other tertiary uses. OBENASA will take an active role demonstrating innovative digital tools to achieve a time and cost-efficient renovation process, as well as to ensure that environmental targets are met.