oPEN Lab | Project Partner

Nieuw Dak

Nieuw Dak is a social housing company founded in 1922 and has almost 100 years of experience in the construction, renovation, and rental of social housing. Nieuw Dak manages an exceptionally large portfolio of nearly 3700 rental houses in the region of Genk (Genk, As, Oudsbergen, and Zutendaal).

Role in Project

As the owner of the social houses, Nieuw Dak will play a key role in setting up the Genk oPEN Living Lab. Their main tasks will be:

  • Investment in the renovation and transformation to a PEN-approach for the neighbourhood Nieuw-Texas;
  • Access to the buildings to monitor the data flows and to follow up the transition to a Positive Energy Neighbourhood.

Nieuw Dak will focus on involving the social tenants in the living lab neighbourhood. It will be involved throughout the project using its field expertise to advise and give feedback in the design, operation, monitoring and evaluation of all aspects of the Genk oPEN Living Lab.