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National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain
Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables

The National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain (CENER) develops applied research in renewable energies and provides technical support to companies and energy institutions in six areas: wind, solar thermal and photovoltaic solar energy, biomass, smart and efficient buildings and districts, and grid integration of energy. CENER’s headquarters is located close to Pamplona (Navarre, Spain). The centre has also cutting-edge technological infrastructures (Wind Turbine Test Laboratory, Experimental Wind Farm, 2nd Generation Biofuel Centre, Solar Testing Laboratories and Atenea Microgrid) and offices at other locations.
CENER is a technology centre with worldwide recognised prestige, activity, and experience. CENER´s expertise is focused on three main areas: Development of R+D+i projects for industrial application; Highly skilled testing services and certification for components; Technical assistance and feasibility studies for renewable energy technologies.

Role in Project

CENER will lead the technical implementation of the local energy system and neighbourhood community approach as well as the advancement of BIPV technology. The Grid Integration Department designs and develops solutions to increase the penetration of renewable energies in the system, as well as to electrify the end-use sectors to achieve climate goals and decarbonisation of the sector. The goal of the Department of Solar Energy Technologies and Storage is to support the PV industrial sector and to contribute to reducing costs of the kWh produced by PV means. In addition, CENER will lead the monitoring actions in the Living Lab Pamplona.