oPEN Lab | Project Partner

The Institute of Baltic Studies
Balti Uuringute Instituut

The Institute of Baltic Studies (IBS) is an independent non-profit research and development centre established in 1996. With its offices in Tartu, IBS provides high-quality socio-economic analysis and conducts projects in various key areas, including smart city and sustainable regional development. Throughout the years, IBS has been particularly active in the Baltic Sea Region and at the European level, collaborating with universities, research organisations, city governments, and governmental organisations.

Role in Project

In oPEN Lab, IBS is the partner responsible for coordinating communication and engagement in the Tartu Living Lab, including leading the local engagement working group and collaborating with other partners on studying social innovation and technology acceptance. IBS is also the coordinator of the artwork project and the procurer of the smart home system installed in the renovated apartment buildings in the Tartu Living Lab.