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IMEC is one of the largest independent R&D centres worldwide in the field of nano-electronics, health, and ICT. IMEC was founded in 1984 in Leuven (Belgium) and has been steadily growing to more than 3500 employees and several campuses in Flanders and worldwide offices. The research centre is known for its balance of basic research and application-oriented research leveraging its unique infrastructure.

The photovoltaic department within IMEC performs research on new materials, concepts and photovoltaic device and system solutions as a renewable energy source and as an enabling technology for the energy transition. IMEC works on crystalline-silicon solar cells and modules and thin-film (organic and inorganic) solar cells focusing on improving efficiency, reliability, and industrial manufacturability. The IMEC PV group is part of EnergyVille, a collaboration between the Belgian research partners KU Leuven, VITO, IMEC and UHasselt in the fields of sustainable energy and intelligent energy systems. All of IMEC’s PV activities are located on the EnergyVille Campus in Genk.

Role in Project

IMEC will be active in several of the work packages including technical contributions. IMEC will offer its broad expertise and laboratory infrastructure in the fields of PV module technology development, characterisation, reliability testing and energy yield modelling to contribute to the successful design and operation of PV systems in the living labs. Moreover, IMEC will contribute actively to the exploitation and dissemination activities.