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Groep Van Roey

Groep Van Roey with its eleven companies is a leading industrial partner in the Belgian construction sector. The eleven companies are active both in the private and public sectors. The group consists of the class 8 contractor (highest ranking in Belgium) companies Van Roey,, Algemene Bouw Maes and Artem, which are market leaders in general and industrial construction projects in Flanders. Staalbeton produces reinforcing steel and makes prefab concrete and metal joinery to measure, while Architon produces custom prefab construction elements in architectural concrete.

Van Roey Vastgoed is active in residential and professional project development. Sportoase develops and operates multi-purpose sports and recreation venues. Finally, Van Roey Services deals with structural and technical maintenance, IFTech is a market leader in ATES and BTES geothermal installations and is making its transition to an ESCO supplier for heating and cooling. Finally, the latest newcomer is Alpha Groep which is a specialty contractor of technical installations with a strong focus on Industry and carbon-free technologies.

Role in Project

Groep Van Roey will assist in the Living Lab in Genk by supplying expert knowledge and services.