oPEN Lab | Project Partner

Gren Tartu

Gren Tartu’s mission is to serve their customers – the residents and businesses within our cities– with green and reliable energy solutions that make their lives comfortable and carefree throughout the seasons. Gren offers modern and professional heating and cooling solutions – separately or in one package. They operate district heating networks and service individual heat substations for housing associations, individual houses, and business customers. Gren produces electricity that they sell directly to large industrial customers and to the grid.

Gren Tartu produces energy – electricity, heating, and cooling from local, renewable, and CO2-free resources. We know that waste does not belong in landfills and is a valuable resource that can be turned into energy at the end of the product’s life cycle, supporting the circular economy. With care for the environment and the planet, Gren knows how to use natural resources to make your life comfortable and easy.

Role in Project

Gren Tartu is involved through its Partner Anne Soojus in the implementation and demonstration of innovative energy systems in the oPEN Living Lab in Tartu. The objective of this task is to demonstrate innovative neighborhood-level energy infrastructure and evaluate its performance. Gren Tartu will perform activities related to the construction and commissioning of the heat storage system of the CHP plant. The main task will be the construction of a heat storage tank at the site of CHP. The size of the tank will be around 9500m³ and it will be able to store 420MWh of heat. Annually, the usage of fossil fuels will be reduced by 12,000MWh and it will save about 2100 tons of CO2 emission.