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Flux 50

Flux50 is the Flemish spearhead cluster for energy. Flanders wants to strengthen cooperation around strategic important domains, or spearheads. This Flemish cluster policy is an initiative of the Innovation and Enterprise Agency (VLAIO). With the support of VLAIO, Flux50 wants to build bridges between research, innovative growth companies, and policymakers within the energy sector. Flux50 unites and mobilises 200 members to provide technical support for the energy transition and to increase Flanders’ competitiveness. The goal is to create a Smart Energy Region in Flanders and to promote it internationally. Its activities are based on three pillars:


  • Information: training and sharing knowledge.
  • Innovation: initiating, stimulating, and supporting cooperation across sectors (such as energy, construction, and IT) in concrete projects.
  • Internationalisation: promoting the Flemish energy industry abroad through the development of an international network.

Role in Project

In OpenLab, Flux50 will focus on the development of the industrial community both within and outside of the project. In the beginning, Flux50 will assist with the community building within the industrial consortia and will contribute to the listing and resolving of the different barriers hindering the progress of the project. Flux50 has an extensive network within the public authorities, financing institutions as well the different federations in Flanders to quickly tackle this kind of issue. Later, in the project, Flux50 will focus on the uptake of the results in the broader community through matchmaking sessions, publications as well as through its community section on the Flux50 website and its membership of the International Cleantech Network (ICN), a collaboration between 16 leading cleantech clusters worldwide.