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DCINERGY is a young and dynamic company, founded by Giel Van den Broeck. The vision of DCINERGY is based on three facts: the fact that the future is electric, the future is decentralised, and the future is power electronic based. Firstly, our society is becoming more energy-efficient, which implies a shift towards electricity for transport and heating. Secondly, the advent of solar photovoltaics, EV charging, battery storage, and fuel cells enables communities to generate, consume and store their electricity locally. Finally, power electronics are the hidden feature of our electricity supply. They are the indispensable interface between solar photovoltaics, storage, electric vehicles, energy-efficient lighting, and the grid.

DCINERGY’s ambition is to realise DC Microgrids. DC means simplicity. Because over 60% of all equipment natively runs on DC, the power electronic converters are greatly simplified. Furthermore, DC microgrids can operate autonomously and continuously, whenever profitable or in case of emergency. DC is the cornerstone of grid 2.0.

Role in Project

It remains often unrecognised that the electrical system in energy buildings in positive energy neighbourhoods will be dominated by power electronic converters. Converters that interconnect solar photovoltaics with the grid, converters that supply heat pumps-chillers, converters that supply LED lighting, converters that charge electric vehicles and battery storage. By adopting a DC microgrid architecture instead of an AC architecture, the number of power conversion steps is halved, which results in a more resilient, reliable, and energy-efficient system.

Within the oPEN LAB project, DCINERGY aims to establish a DC microgrid infrastructure to connect all the aforementioned assets on a household level and interconnect these houses to a neighbourhood DC network.