oPEN Lab | Project Partner


Cast4All builds scalable end-to-end solutions for infrastructure management such as solar panel parks, data centres and buildings. It doesn’t matter if you collect data from thousands of sensors or monitor the performance of your entire infrastructure. Our solutions allow you to respond very quickly and flexibly to the rapidly changing business environment.

The basis of our solution is the Single Independent Monitoring Platform (SIMPL). This platform ensures the seamless integration of the meters/sensors (gas, water, electricity, humidity, …), the communication networks (2G, 4G, LTE-M) and data management systems.

Role in Project

The Cast4All SIMPL Platform can connect to remote sensors and actuators via different interfaces and connectors. It meets the requirement for connecting sensors and legacy systems in the houses and buildings that are subject to the different pilot projects. Cast4All will be involved in the concept and set-up of the monitoring system, the data platform, front-end and data management of the Living Lab in Genk.